I realize that it has only been three months since my diagnosis and I might be expecting too much of myself, but I can’t get over the unending ways chemists seem to put letters together to identify chemicals and chemical compounds. I am overwhelmed tracking what I have to stay away from. I look at the chemicals listed on packaging in things now and it is an alphabet soup. A simple difference of the location of one or two letters in a very long named chemical can make a world of difference in deciphering what it is. So what the heck is a girl to do? As I diligently scan labels I hear a voice in the back of my head, “Really Nancy? This is a foreign language. You really think you are going to figure it out it this time?”

I carry the lists of offensive chemicals in my phone so they are ready at any moment to support my goal for a healthy itch free life. Seems like a easy  logical solution, right? Not so much. With hope abounding I look at the list focusing on only one chemical name at a time convinced that is the key to being successful in the search for safe products. There it is again – a jumble of letters that make words I still can’t pronounce. Undaunted I attempt to compare the words in my phone with the words on a package. “WTF,” comes to mind and more often than not I put the product back on the shelf and walk away. It is crystal clear that my mood is a key factor in handling this and it would benefit me to have a friend to be with me for support. Maybe without the stress the chemical sensitivity puts on me they can figure things out easier.