That’s me up there.

I am celebrating today. Whoo Hoo! Rash free for seven days may not seem like a big deal, but after nearly seven months I am over the moon. When dealing with chemical sensitivites or allergies celebrating the little triumphs is essential for better mental health. Although I’m rash free I’m not itch free, but this is a win and I’m doing a happy dance.

 Mental health during a struggle like this can be a great challenge. Especially when there are no clear answers, a lot of waiting for information and sometimes no aswers at all. It often leaves me feeling like I’m taking on an invisible foe. Well, in my case that’s true – you can’t see Thiuram Mix. I’m not sure when it will strike or how intense the strike might be.

 I encourage you, my itchy allergic and sensitive friends out there, to celebrate your own little healing triuphes. Here’s to you being over the moon soon too – even if its just for the day.