Pesky Chemical Facts

Provided by an Itchy Woman who’s life was altered by Thiuram Mix

Chemical sensitivities are no joke. Some people have¬† become housebound and cut off from the people and things that used to make their lives rich and fulfilling. I joined the ranks of the chemically sensitive the summer of 2018. I found it challenging to find the information I needed, beyond the sheet of information handed to me by the dermatologist, so I started this web site and blog to share what I learned and help others. This website and blog will evolve based on the requests and needs of the people I hear from. I’m no comedian, but will do my best to add some humor along the way. As my friends and family will attest to, I don’t have to go any farther than myself for for great comedic material.

The books I’ve read about chemical sensitivities say to take any chemical sensitivity seriously. The reason for that, in my version of layman’s terms, is that there can be a cascading affect that can happen. The body becomes so stressed by the over abundance of a chemical/s that it looses the ability to deal with other chemicals. So, I urge you to take your chemical sensitivity¬†seriously to avoid adding other things to the list you are allergic to.