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The Itchy Woman who’s life was altered by Thiuram Mix

I’m an Itchy Woman,

I’m Nancy Scheibe and I wear the monikers artist, author, entrepreneur, bad-ass kayaker and now – Itchy Woman. I started the Answer The Itch web sight and blog after four months of a debilitating rash left me nearly housebound. I was diagnosed with chemical allergies to Thiuram Mix, Thimerosal, Gold, and Paraben. That got my creative mind fired up and determined to dig under the surface for answers to the chemical sensitiveness that altered the course of my life. This site is dedicated to my kindred itchy family out there seeking answers. You know who you are.

Like many people my life has been one of tragedy and adventure. I lost my mother at the age of eleven and learned early to reframe pain into a source of strength and compassion. I went to college, taking the long route because I sprinkled having three children in the mix, and earned a degree in Counseling Psychology and Communications. My can-do insightful spirit has touched many, facilitated healing, and assisted others to live a balanced life in an ever changing world

I’m an accomplished self taught artist, at least that is what my friends tell me. I worked in several mediums, creating portraits, landscapes, abstracts, murals and sculpture. With the onset of Chemical Sensitivities my art career is in question. Sorting out which of the mediums I use are safe for me is daunting. To see my artwork and other artistic adventures go to www.NancyScheibe.com.

Like many women out there I experienced an abusive relationship. Luckily, I a friend encouraged me to use my art to heal. I did – okay art didn’t fix it all, but what a relief. Then I combined my counseling background and the art I created a coloring/journaling book for women called Girl, You Got This; A Journey In Healing and Hope (a rewrite of Women’s Experience Coloring Book that will be on the shelves again in 2019).

At age 50, mostly in a defiant response to comments about being over the hill, I took on one of my greatest adventures. I began an expedition kayaking down the Mississippi River – yes, all the way. I did it in three sections. To make it more interesting I stopped along the way and held gatherings of women over 50 and collected their stories. I put the stories in a trilogy of books about that journey: Water Women Wisdom; Voices from the Upper Mississippi, Ripples Of Wisdom; A Journey Through Mud and Truth, and Waves Of Wisdom; Grace, Guts and Gators on the Lower Mississippi

I’m a down-to-earth and heartwarming speaker. I figure if you don’t understand what I am talking about why try to share any information. I tailors the subject matter to my audience and sprinkle in a healthy dose of humor. My clients have included: Hazelden Foundation, Center City, Minnesota; Lake City Medical Center – Mayo Health System, Rochester, Minnesota; Adler Institute, Hopkins, Minnesota; Northeastern Illinois University TEAM Conferences, Chicago, Illinois.

Creating things is in my blood. As an entrepreneur I established Creative Journeys, Inc. in 1987, a company dedicated to creative expression. In 2005, I co-founded a community gathering place The Front Porch Coffee & Tea Co. in Ely, Minnesota, In 2015 I established Art & Soul Gallery in Ely, Minnesota. And now I dive head long into the call that chemical sensitive’s have created and focus on AnswerTheItch to find my way to health and hopefully help others along the way.

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